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Imagine a Man who received loan and struggle to build his house, thanking God that he has arrived.

Out of management and anxiety to complete the house, he gave Mechanical work and electrification of the building to a friend who’s a contractor. Thinking he had his head covered.

Because of greediness and contractors personal interest, he contract the work to a road side artisan base on relationship and not considering their experience and exposure.

After some times, when pumping water and after bath the wall get soaked, and it happened over and over. To the extent that their was serious earth leakage. Over load, short circuit, and poor installation started affecting the house. Wire burning and appliances started having fault

After paying the loan back, he retired from work and taught of the renovation, he called an engineer and then find out that, “he has just started” building. The roof almost get burnt one cool night when cooker, Ac and pumping machine was working simultaneously.

Don’t start when you are supposed to off!
It cost more than you expect!
……..Engage competent hands with years of experience in the field.

ROGTech has got you covered, we give years of guaranteed when you follow simple procedures, we deliver according to customers specification to letter.

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