We will hire and manage your artisans

Mokoto handles the entire process of searching and hiring of your artisans (and even domestic) workforce. You only need to indicate interest by requesting an artisan from us.

We Carefully run background check and Verify The Artisans

We don’t just hire any artisan. We carefully run background check and verify the artisans before we recommend them to you. We take responsibility to ensure you work with trust-worthy people

We ensure prompt response in minutes

We ensure prompt 24/7 response of artisans whenever and anytime you need their services. We are responsible for ensuring quick response time of no more than 10-20 minutes.

Over 4,000+ carefully verified artisans available nationwide. This is How Mokoto Retainer Program works

  • You submit request for an artisan/professional to handle a routine task for your home/office (Call +2348139274709 to make a request)
  • We search through our pool of artisans/professionals and match you with qualified artisans based on yardsticks such as experience, distance, character etc.
  • We (i.e. Mokoto and You) sign an MOU and you make first retainer payment directly to us and the artisan(s) starts work immediately

Hire an Artisan(s) on monthly retainer who would be available at your beck and call 24/7 Instead of calling and paying artisans each time you want their services, sign up with Mokoto retainer program and have artisans at your service 24/7

Do you carry out routine maintenance in your organization? Would you like to have a team of highly skilled and unskilled artisans handle daily routine activities (like cleaning) in your organization? You are at the right place. Sign up for the Mokoto Artisans monthly retainer and we will provide you quality artisans promptly (within minutes) whenever you need them. We can also provide you artisans who will provide daily or weekly routine services.

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Get in Touch with Mokoto Right Away! We are just one phone call or email away. Relieve your team of stress and challenge of looking for artisans for every minor fixes

Any Questions? Please call as: +234 8139274709

The Mokoto Team is available 24/7 to take your calls and answer your questions on any issue you may have. Simply call the number above to get in touch with us.

Why Should I use Mokoto to Hire Artisans in Nigeria? We provide you peace of mind by saving you from the danger of working with unverified artisans

Only verified people work for you Guaranteed Peace of Mind About Security

We take time to carry out proper background check on each artisan before we send them to work for you so you can have peace of mind.

Save time and stress Hundreds of artisans at your beck and call 24/7

You don’t have to start looking for artisans whenever you need their services. Sign up for a monthly retainer and we will provide an artisan promptly anytime you need such.

How can I hire an artisan through Mokoto?

It’s simple. Just click any of the “request for an artisan” buttons on this page. Fill the form and submit, we will get in touch with you ASAP. You can also hire an artisan by calling  +234 8139274709

Do I have to pay the artisans directly?

No. All payments and transactions must be done directly with Mokoto. This is to ensure compliance and co-ordination. Artisans will be settled by Mokoto.

Security is my challenge. I'm concerned about the integrity of the artisan?

You do not have to worry because we have thoroughly done a background check on the artisans on our list. After the background check, Each artisan provides a guarantor or referee who will stand-in in case of any issue. We also rotate service providers as regularly as possible.

What types of artisans can I hire and retain through Mokoto?

You can hire ANY type of artisan, professionals and even service businesses on a monthly retainer basis. Over 4000+ artisans like electricians, mechanics, plumbers, builders etc. Professionals like lawyers, architects, IT experts, teachers etc. are also available. In general there are artisans and professionals in over 200 categories on Mokoto

How promptly will artisans be available once we make a request.

Once you make a request for an artisan, you will sign a monthly payment retainer MOU with Mokoto and make your first payment. Afterwards, depending on the type of agreement (whether daily/weekly routine or upon-request), we will provide you with an artisan(s) to handle  service you have requested for. We guarantee that service providers will be available within 10-20 minutes of request

How much does it cost to hire an artisan through Mokoto?

The price varies to the type of service required and the frequency (daily/weekly/on-request). To get a price, kindly call +234 8139274709 or click any of the “REQUEST AN ARTISAN” button on this page. A Mokoto staff will get in touch with you promptly

Take away the routine and guess-work in finding good quality artisans & professionals!